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Globalink VOIP Virtual Assistant. Unified Messaging services.


ONE-NUMBER ACCESS —The Virtual Assistant features a single number for all your communications needs. One number that provides callers access to you according to your wishes; One number that provides you access to voice mail, fax mail and email; One number that provides you access to conferencing and long-distance services.

FIND ME — The Virtual Assistant will forward your calls to any telephone number you want to be reached, 24 hours a day anywhere on Earth. If you’re not sure which number you’ll be at, The Virtual Assistant can call all the numbers you’ve listed at the same time, and, if you’re sure you don’t want to be disturbed, The Virtual Assistant will forward all calls to voice mail.

CUSTOMIZED GREETINGS — The Virtual Assistant provides the capability of recording greetings off-line or through your telephone. Further, once saved, you can easily select which greetings you want to use.

CALL SCREENING — The Virtual Assistant will give you the caller’s name so that you'll have the opportunity to accept the call or send it to voice mail.

CONFERENCING — From any phone, anywhere in the world, The Virtual Assistant can connect you to up to 7 parties simultaneously. Whether the callers call you (meet me conferencing) or you call them (conference bridging).

FAXES — The Virtual Assistant will accept all faxes and store them until you are ready to delete them. Further, it’ll forward them immediately and automatically to any fax number you desire or to an email address.


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