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Globalink Managed VoIP Tech Support Services


Wholesale Termination Termination
If you are interested in offering only
wholesale termination without all the added features of our class 4/5 switch, you can do so by just purchasing minutes without any setup fees.  Ideal for call centers, call shops and large voip resellers.

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Wholesale Services
You can resell  our  dids, sip trunks under your own brand. We also provide consulting and engineering services so you can setup voip in your own country.

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International Callback Services
Save money by using these services to lock in low US phone rates, no matter where in the world you're calling to or from
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Prepaid Calling Cards
Call worldwide
from any phone and use your own private label local calling card portals worldwide.

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Web Marketing  Services
Our  professional web marketing team can help bring traffic to your private label voip site. 

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Web Design Services
We can work with you to create your own custom private label voip website or you can use our standard templates. We can integrate your site with your own merchant processor.

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Web Hosting and Domain Name Services  
We offer competitive web hosting and total integration with your private label voip website. We can private label your sip server.
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The knowledge base provides instant responses to common questions.

Reseller Plans Learn more

Our Online Store is open 24 hours
You can purchase our services online using any major credit card.
If you need to use another payment method, please contact our reseller sales department using our ticket system.

Shop Globalink VoIP (Voice-Over-IP)



EZ VOIP Reseller only $299

No monthly rental fee on our Porta Switch 

Globalink Voip Phone ServiceIdeal for Call Shops and

Private Label Softphone Resellers (please click here for private label softphone options)

You can provide call shop, voip minutes and voip pc to phone service service using our routes
. This is not for calling card use.

If you need web control panel with automated sign-up,
please select reseller-in-a-box.

SoftPhone or VoIP Device
Sell wholesale minutes to your customers under your own brand. Just download  the demo
phone and make calls using the account id and password. The softphone is already pre-configured to work on the EZ VoIP Plan.

If you wish to use Linksys PAP2T, you can use our automated script to configure your phones.
Please click here.

IVR or hotline OPTION:
This allows access to our Automated CISCO Voice Attendant (similar to an internal calling card system). A client can dial this virtual number or extension and connect to our Automated CISCO Voice Gateway. Each callshop station (voip device registered to the server) can dial a number (hotline) enter the pin and make calls!!

Custom Third-Party Callshop software booths is also available for a monthly fee. It runs on top of our PortaBilling Platform. It costs $1.99 per month per booth or $99 per month for unlimited use. This is a simple to use third-party callshop interface so that you can generate pins and be in business in no time. We can customize the software with your logo.
Please click here to read more about EZ CALLSHOP.

Mobile Phone Dialer (click here for private label options)
You can also use our service with third-party mobile phone dialers. We have tested using third-party mobile dialers on windows mobile smart phones. Please click here for more info.

EZ VPN PC2Phone  Add $99

For EZ Web Callback Add $99

No monthly rental fee on our VoIPSwitch

Call Shop,  Calling Card,  Callback , VOIP servicesYou can add EZ VPN and EZ Web Callback to EZ VoIP Package for $99 per plan one-time setup fee. This special reseller offer is designed for  international resellers who want to offer international  voip vpn and web callback services. It includes a high-tech vpn software for windows xp and vista. The vpn tunneling software will allow you to offer voip in countries where standard voip services are restricted.

Resellers can setup their own accounts and manage them online. 

EZ VOIP Reseller
$299.00 One-time Setup Fee 

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A real, live human being will respond (by email, ticket, chat, or phone) and answer  your questions and help you decide which plan will work the best for your needs. 

Globalink VoIP Virtual ResellerWe look forward to working with you!!

Contact US for more information

QUESTIONS?? Please call us at  1-832-778-4967 or contact us via our online help center.

Globalink Managed VoIP Tech Support Services



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