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Virtual Assistant : Like having your own private receptionist who helps you handle your incoming calls and  faxes. Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) technology enables the unified messaging system to route calls via phone lines or to your email system. Office Personnel, whether working at corporate office, home office, remote client site or while on the road, can now receive their faxes, email, and voice mail in the same inbox.
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Globalink Inc. Connecting Your World
Using the latest Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) technology to make the world a smaller place!
This is how Worldkom
connects YOU to the World!
phone call phone line Phone Line
PortaSwitch: Features Phone Phone Line Phone Line
Call features
Caller Id, call waiting & holding, and more
Advanced PBX features: call transfer, parking, etc.
User manageable follow-me calls
Voice over Internet Protocol Voice over Internet Protocol Voice over Internet Protocol
Call center queues
CALEA and E911
Callback VoIP Calls Pre-paid Cards
Web,email, SMS. ANI/DNIS
Customizable callback IVR
  Worldkom VoIP Connects  
Billing and provisioning
Prepaid & postpaid
Multiple currencies
Peak & off-peak rates
Volume discount plans
Rate change scheduling
Automated rate feed
Converged billing
Worldkom Administrator
Administrator Interface
Globalink Billing Bank /Online
Online Payments
Payment processor
Web interface
Web based administration
Customizable access rules

Web self-care for customers

Reports and monitoring
Real-time email alerts
Built-in reports: ASR and cost/revenue
Customized reports
Emails with PDF invoices
Call summary
Worldkom End User Self Care
End User Self Care

Porta Billing
Real Time Billing Provisioning
CRM system

Worldkom Connecting Your World
Globalink Porta Billing
Stand-by Master
  Worldkom VoIp Provider Caller A     Worldkom Connecting Your World Worldkom IP
IP - Centrex
Pre-set preferences
Customer specific
Profit guarantee
Worldkom VoIP Provider
Residential IP
Worldkom VoIP Provider Worldkom VoIP Provider IP PBX
Class 4/5 softswitch
SIP registrar and proxy
RTP proxy
Media server
NAT traversal
Worldkom VoIp Provider  Caller B Porta SIP
Class 4-5
Worldkom VoIP
Secondary SIP
   Fax Worldkom Porta UM Fax Worldkom Connecting Your World  
Unified messaging
Customizable voice-mail prompts
Flexible auto-attendant
Message access via phone, email, web
Worldkom connecting your world
Worldkom Porta UM Bridge Conferencing Server
Conferencing server
  Worldkom Unified Messaging Web phone Porta UM
Unified Messaging
Phone & Web Interface
Worldkom Porta UM
Secondary UM