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Globalink Inc Team

is committed to staying up-to-date with  cutting-edge technologies and marketing trends in order to help our clients succeed in this age of the internet.
Globalink, Inc.
traces its roots back to 1993 to the Midwestern Christian work ethics in Salina, Kansas, USA., but we are "not just in Kansas anymore."  We are now able offer our services worldwide with the addition of voice-over-ip, internet telephony, web marketing, ecommerce, software development, backend server hosting and internet broadband services. 
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Globalink offers specialized voip services to meet all your communication needs

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Worldkom protects your brand by totally masking our identity so your company is seen as the service provider.  Your customers are yours to keep. You can focus your attention on gaining new customers and we will provide a quality service that you can depend on, now and in the future.

99.9% uptime availability of our SIP/VoIP Server with business class serivice options.

Our service works with open sip softphones and offers Free Internet Calling (talk to anyone on our service for FREE).

You get your own PRIVATE LABEL / Custom SIP Server to match your domain name.

Lots of hardware options . Unlocked Internet Phones and Adaptors work with our service. They are Unlocked and Open so that you can unleash all of their features without limits. You can use our remote auto provisioning/configuration feature available on our porta switch.

You can change our prices and create your own rates.

We give you a web back-end so your clients can login to manage their accounts. They can view their call history and pay online as well using approved merchant processors.

Our service offers solutions for  users without Internet access using international callback and personal dids.

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Globalink Inc Team


What differentiates us from other Internet Telephony Providers?

Re-brand our service for your local market with a low startup cost

Sell in your own currency and automatically mark-up our prices. Our back-end can display other languages

Cutting-edge Voice-Over-IP technology

Reseller discounts based on volume with no commitments 

Technical support and personal reseller service

Customized reseller packages tailored to meet your needs

Private-branded website hosted on our servers with 99.9% uptime 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to help market your website

Leverage on our global network infrastructure

Globalink Managed VoIP Tech Support Services



Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose Worldkom:


Globalink VoIP Virtual ResellerWhen you contact us, a real, live human being will respond and answer all your questions either by email, chat  or phone callWe work hard to provide personalized customer service.  

Pay-as-you-go, with no term contracts or hassles.  Discounts are available based on the volume of minutes you purchase.

Private Branding – You get your own VOIP server (your own SIP Proxy) and you can use your own website name. No one knows that we’re providing you with the service. 

Lots of hardware options—you get to choose. We work with most open sip unlocked devices.

Reliable service -- 99.9% uptime of our SIP Proxy

We can provide you
custom engineering services to help you setup your own calling card gateway in your country.
No surprise add-on fees. 

We can help you with marketing your new VoIP Business.  We offer website marketing and web development services as options with our reseller plans.  You don’t have to know anything about doing your own website!  We can also help you strategize the best way to set up the plan that will work best for your target market.  (More information is available at our corporate site at 

Free worldwide On-net Internet calling with all customer accounts.  Customers can call each other for free. 

You can sell Worldkom services worldwide Our International Phone Numbers (DIDs) allow users to receive calls from regular phones (PSTN) worldwide. In places where there are no internet access services, customers can still call using our call back services.

Cutting-edge technology.  Real-time user interface (change your account online any time).Resellers or agents can pay you online using their credit card within our Porta Switch.  All traditional phone features and more are included in all of our plans.  


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2725 Arnold Ave, Salina, Kansas 67401 USA  Telephone 1-832-778-4967  Chat
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