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The knowledge base provides instant responses to common questions.

EZ VoIP Reseller (pc2phone and call shop - $299 one time setup fee)


EZ VPN PC2Phone Callback (pc2phone and callback - $499 one time setup fee)  

VoIP Reseller Deluxe (pc2phone, voip adapter, calling cards, callback and call shop - $499 one time setup fee & $99 monthly)

VoIP Reseller Enterprise (rent our porta or mera switch and use your own routes. Minimum 50K Minutes per month requires technical skills - depends on  volume starting at $499 & plus monthly charges)


Virtual Office Reseller
(sell dids, subscription plans and hosted pbx services -requires computer networking skills)

($999 one time setup  fee & $99 monthly)
Hosted PBX Reseller

Reseller-In-A-Box Plan
(create custom unlimited plans, hosted front-end website and hosted pbx services with dids -requires basic knowledge of Porta Customer Management)
one time setup  fee & $99 monthly)

Globalink VoIP Virtual Reseller
QUESTIONS?? Please contact us via our online help center.

Globalink Support

A real, live human being will respond (by email, ticket, chat, or phone) and answer  your questions and help you decide which plan will work the best for your needs. 

Contact us today for the wholesale rates, and we can show you how much money you can make.

We are committed to providing personal service to all our resellers. 


Please Contact US via our web form for fastest service as we do like to know more about you so that we can better assist you.






  Globalink Inc dba Worldkom.Net Private Label VoIP Reseller

Selling VoIP Made Easy! New to voip? Please click here.

Market your voice-over-ip service under your own private brand!

Wondering how to get started? Follow these steps to success:

Our private brand control panel allows your
clients to recharge their account and view
call history with your sell rate. 

Avoid expensive hardware by using our hosted voip switch branded with your name.

If you just need to buy wholesale minutes or phone numbers, please click here.

Help Me Choose The Right VoIP PlanPlease select your Private Brand VoIP Plan below based on your technical skills and services you wish to sell by clicking on the links:-

New Reseller A La Carte Plans (effective Nov 25th, 2008)

VoIP Reseller Deluxe
($499 one time setup fee & $99 monthly)

VoIP Reseller Enterprise Minimum 100K Minutes per month
(requires technical skills -
depends on  volume starting at $499 & plus monthly charges)

Virtual Office Reseller
(requires computer networking skills)
($999 one time setup  fee & $99 monthly)
Hosted PBX Reseller

Reseller-In-A-Box Plan
(requires basic knowledge of Porta Customer Management)
one time setup  fee & $99 monthly)

Please choose the plan below that best fits your needs.  Please choose the plan below that best fits your needs. 

EZ VOIP Reseller only $299

No monthly rental fee on our Porta Switch

Globalink Voip Phone Service

Ideal for Call Shops and


You can provide call shop, voip minutes and voip pc to phone service service using our routes

Sell wholesale minutes to your customers under your own brand.

Custom Callshop software booths available for a monthly fee.
There is a simple to use callshop interface so that you can generate pins and be in business in no time. 

This option allows the use of our IVR so that each callshop station can dial a number (hotline) enter the pin and make calls!!

EZ VOIP Reseller 
$299.00 One-time Setup Fee 
EZ VPN PC2Phone Callback Reseller $499

No monthly rental fee on our VoIPSwitch
Call Shop,  Calling Card,  Callback , VOIP servicesThis is a special reseller package designed for  international resellers who want to offer international  voip vpn and callback services. It includes a high-tech softphone with built-in vpn tunneling software to allow you to offer voip in countries like UAE (Dubai). It works where standard voip services are restricted.

Resellers can setup their own accounts and manage them online. 

EZ Callback Reseller 
$499.00 One-time Setup Fee

Learn more

PortaSIP flash

VoIP Reseller Deluxe $499 Setup

Monthly $99 rental and support fees.
Includes 1 PRI Channel For Unlimited Inbound US Minutes for Wholesale Phone Numbers

(select from our basic or premium routes)
Learn more

Globalink Inc TeamYou pay a monthly charge to rent our porta switch so that you can have your own private label softswitch to manage your customers online with automatic recharge options. You can set your own rates and billing intervals.  

Customers can pay you using your online merchant processor night or day once they are setup on the Porta Switch. They can manage their own accounts and see call history and more.

You can provide softphone, calling cards, callshop service, international 
ani (requires caller id e.164 service), sms (text messaging -requires sms gateway) and web callback services worldwide!

We require one-time setup fee of $499 plus first month rent of $199 $99
VoIP Reseller Deluxe - Managed Service
$499 One-time Fee and $199  $99 per month

VoIP  Reseller Deluxe - Managed Service -- $598.00


  Worldkom VoIP Reseller

VoIP Reseller Enterprise A La Carte

starting at $499


You pick the modules you need.
Phone Company-In-A-Box Plan
for large voice-over-ip reseller or 
for those who need custom modules only

One time setup fees starting at $499 (total cost depends on all modules selected). You may need technical person on staff to operate the server.

Module Pricing :- 

Reseller Deluxe - callshop , calling cards, callback, softphone, voip ata etc  $499 

Virtual Office (hosted pbx) $699

Custom Subscription Plans $499

Standard Website (back-end is included) $499 (includes domain registration and dns setup)

Custom Website starting at $999

VPN/Xtunnels Server (additional cost)

Custom Callshop software booths available

Mera switch is available

Support fees starting at $199 per month may apply if you do not have your own  technical staff. This includes your hosting services as well.

In addition to the features offered in the Reseller Deluxe, the Enterprise allows you to have your own subscription plans and hosted PBX/IVR.  

Enterprise has
no limit on usage as you have a virtual server (phone company-in-a-box).  Maintenance and support fees are determined based on volume.

You can start as a Reseller Deluxe and upgrade to our  Reseller - Enterprise VoIP Managed Service at any time.  

With the Reseller - Enterprise VoIP Managed Service,  you can provide unified messaging,
create your own calling /discount/subscription plans with your own destination
codes billed to your own merchant gateway

You can setup promotion plans and give special discounts to select customers. 

You can setup your own billing currency, even select your language wherever our international language module is available and allows you to setup your own initial custom voip ports. 

You can setup your own custom sip ports or VPN to get around countries where voip ports are blocked. You can manage your call routing via your preferred voice carrier. 

You can also setup your own billing interval times and any other connection charges you may wish to charge

This package allows you to setup your own local numbers anywhere in the world you can buy local numbers.  We will setup the gateway so that the local numbers will get routed to our server here in the USA
or United Kingdom

You can then manage  your accounts online, bill your customers, view accounting history and call details records (CDR). 

Please enter the amount you wish to pay upfront to start server setup by changing the quantity number.
We need a minimum of $500 to start work.

PRODUCT: Worldkom Reseller Enterprise Custom Pricing 

Please contact us by clicking the graphic below to discuss this option.

Globalink Support

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Virtual Office Reseller $999 Download PDF
PortaUM Flash new

Start Your Own Hosted PBX Business with your own private-brand using our back-end login page for your customers. You can set your own pricing and manage your customers.

Hosted PBX/
Centrex/Unified Messaging/Auto Attendant/Call Queue/Dial By Name/PC2Phone/VoIP Phone
/Call Conferencing/ User Presence Technology/

Integration with Microsoft Outlook
Includes US/Canada "Unlimited" and Custom International Flat Rate Plans (does not include callback/calling cards)

You can purchase US Phone Numbers for $1.99 per did (or less based on volume) for Unlimited Inbound Minutes  if you buy our channels (VPRI).

Porta switch with our voip routes.

Please note you may need to purchase our tech support plans starting at $99 per month after the first 30 days of service if you do not have your own technical personnel.

Virtual Office/IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange)
 - answers, screens and routes calls to virtually any location, provides company staff with unified virtual extension numbers, and processes large volumes of calls simultaneously

You can check your email/voice mail/fax all in one place. 

Incoming faxes are automatically converted into a pdf and sent as an email.

Business Class
Centrex - enhanced business-class phone auto-attendant typical of very large office phone systems.  

Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) technology  without any need for hardware
 at your site.   

tandard features include call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, call transfer, and other business class features.

This package is also ideal if you want to sell your own personal phone number with specific numbers set to ring specific destinations. Eg. You can setup our personal numbers to ring friends, family and business contacts worldwide  with no additional cost to the caller!!

The auto attendant, voice mail and other select unified messaging features can be added to the personal number as well.

You'll get low wholesale rates on our services, and can re-sell them for whatever rate you like. Services include DID numbers, line extensions, extra minutes for those who use the service to originate calls, and more.  

This package does NOT include a front-end website.  We provide the back-end interface that can be customized into your existing website. 

We can provide integration with your merchant account.

Please select this option if you have your own website and just need our back-end web control panel. 

Your customers will have their own separate login to view call details and manage their account details such as call forwarding etc. 

You will also have a reseller login to setup and manage your customers.

Virtual Office Reseller
$999 One-time Setup Fee

Learn more


Reseller-In-A-Box Plan $1499

portabilling flash

One-time Setup Fee (includes free domain registration and dns setup) Hosting is included in the monthly $99 support plan.

Porta switch with our voip routes

We have brought together all  the standard modules so that you can get started with your business right out of the box! (does not include callback)

Standard reseller website with standard  graphics, flash intros, search engine optimization ,color themes, business information etc. 

samples of trendy websites (yours may vary) can be found at VoIP web template (includes search engine optimization).

Or you can click here to do your own website hosted by our Genesis Tech

Monthly $99 rental, hosting and support fees. 
Includes 1 PRI Channel For Unlimited Inbound US Minutes for Wholesale Phone Numbers

Reseller-In-A-Box Plan

$1499 One-time Setup Fee

Learn more




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