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Globalink Personal Phone Numbers

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Globalink Cloud Hosted Phone System with Globalink Global Phone Numbers answers, screens using call processing technology and routes calls to virtually any location, provides company staff with unified virtual extension numbers, and processes large volumes of calls simultaneously. 

You can check your email, voice mail, fax all in one place. 

Incoming faxes are automatically converted into a pdf and sent as an email.

Business Class Centrex - enhanced business-class phone auto-attendant typical of very large office phone systems.  

Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) technology  without any need for hardware  at your site.   

Standard features include call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, call transfer, and other business class features.

Globalink Hosted PBX Solution is ideal if you want to sell your own personal international phone number with specific numbers set to ring specific destinations.

For an example, you can setup our international phone numbers such as a local number in London, United Kingdom to ring your office for an example in Singapore.

business contacts in London can reach you with no additional cost to call you!!

The auto attendant, voice mail and other select unified messaging features can be added to the personal international number as well.


Please contact us via our online help center for specific countries
for which we can provide DIDs or phone numbers.

In select countries we can provide mobile phone numbers that support SMS.

We can also port numbers worldwide.

Globalink Managed VoIP Tech Support Services

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