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Digital Certificate
Status: Status: Disabled
Please complete Step 1.
Private Key: Status: Not Installed
Use a private key that you already have (optional- if you have a private key and a certificate, skip steps 1 and 2):
Step 1: Status: Not Installed
  Generate a new CSR and private key:
  Please note that the below information MUST be accurate for approval by a Certificate Authority.
Country:  ex: US
State:  ex: Georgia
City:  ex: Atlanta
Organization:  ex: Company, Inc.
Organizational Unit:   (optional) ex: SSL Division
Domain:  ex: company.com
Contact E-mail:  (optional) ex: info@company.com

Note- The following characters cannot be accepted: < > ~ ! @ # $ % ^ * / \( ) ?.,&
Step 2: Send the CSR to a Certificate Authority, along with proof that you are who you say you are. They will send you a certificate.
Step 3: Status: Not Installed
Install your new certificate now: